Do initialisms like AR, AI or IoT make your ears perk up? Do you take a firm stance in the AR vs. MR debate?

Is your head always in the cloud?

If you’re like me and absolutely obsessed with newest innovations in design and technology, I’ve got something you’ll want to hear. 

For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Joe Toste, Technology Sales Executive at Nagarro, and the host of the newly-launched podcast, TechTables. A show anyone eager to learn from experts at the forefront of design and technology should hear.

In this inaugural podcast, I’ll be going over some of the exciting topics we’ll be discussing over the course of the show and letting you know a little bit about me.

What is TechTables?

TechTables is a podcast that gives the listener — and, of course, me — a chance to learn from industry leaders in different organizations and industries around the globe. 

TechTables is dedicated to mixing the best in design and tech innovation. Each episode, we’ll cover topics ranging from design product innovation to engineering, mobile product development and emerging technologies.

Yes, don’t worry, that includes all those awesome initialisms I mentioned before.

The show is a Q&A format, so I’ll really get to pick the brains of the most innovative leaders across this wide range of industries.

We already have more than 25 guests lined up and, let me tell you, I am super stoked to get to sit down and learn from every single one of them. 

It’s sponsored by Nagarro, a high-end global technology solutions company to some of the world’s leading organizations — everything from retail to manufacturing, from banking to high-tech and design in Silicone Valley. 

Who are you?

When I’m not interviewing industry leaders for this podcast, I coach high school basketball at the very same high school I attended (Go DP!). I volunteer there through an organization called Young Life and it’s extremely rewarding. 

I also love taking my two kids and beautiful wife to all of the awesome theme parks around Southern California, which is where I live and work remotely. 

And, just as much as I love high-end design and technology, I love — I mean love — high-end coffee. So, you’ll find me hanging out at Handlebar Coffee here in Santa Barbara a lot — maybe too much.

How do I contact you?

If you want to reach me, definitely connect with me on LinkedIn, that’s where I hang out the most. I can also be found on Twitter here. 

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have topics you want covered or guest suggestions. 

You can also email me at for anything related to the podcast and if you are interested in learning more about Nagarro and our philosophy on #thinkingbreakthroughs. 

This post is based on a Techtables podcast with Joe Toste. To hear this episode, and many more like it, you can subscribe to Techtables here.

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