Podcast Questions

Joe: But let’s kick off today with a little bit about you and your entrepreneurial journey over the years launching Mokriya – a product design and innovation studio – with a successful exit and now leading that team of 10X developers and designers under the umbrella of Nagarro. Let’s start there. 


  1. So Google has a group called ATAP (Advance Technology Group) and we helped with project soli – which is a miniature radar that understands human motions at various scales: from the tap of your finger to the movements of your body – and in our case helping to control technology with the snap of a finger. 

        The Soli technology is now in the Pixel 4 via Motion Sense and the experience is awesome – especially since you can now wave at Pikachu. Talk about the project and the impact we had.


  1. Another really cool project we work on was with Intel and the Curie chip. Talk about the challenge of the developing a platform where app builders could connect to sensor data along with time pressure Intel’s executive team put on the release timeline.


  1. Next up – a fan favorite – is our work with Twitter. Talk about our wicked fast process of dropping a senior Twitter PM into our Slack channel with one designer and one developer to create an app – The Twitter Challenger app – used by Steph Curry and Beyoncé for Twitter’s very important media event and the fun name used for their celebrities – the VITs (Very Important Tweeters).


  1. Let’s chat about the Sony Xperia and the ability to turn any hard surface into a minority report like touch table. The Sony Xperia touch projects an android tablet onto any hard surface. This project was pretty awesome. Talk about the workshops and prototyping we do before hitting full scale design and development.
  1. Distributed and remote work is a relevant and hot topic due to coved-19, but when you and brother founded Mokriya over 10 years ago you both had already had the vision for hiring the best and brightest folks from around the global regardless of where they lived. Talk about our culture and how we work with clients across all verticals in a distributed and remote work environment.

60 Second “TechTables”

  1. What do you know now that you wish you had known at the beginning (either personal, business, or blend)?
  2. Favorite project you’ve worked on to-date?
  3. What’s your favorite Netflix show?

PS: You can also email me at joe@techtablespodcast.com for anything related to the podcast and joe.toste@nagarro.com if you are interested in learning more about Nagarro and our philosophy on #thinkingbreakthroughs. 

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