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Joe: But let’s kick off today with a little bit about you and your entrepreneurial background over the years launching several startups and now leading a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers at Honeywell SPS. Let’s start there. 

  1. I do want to chat about Honeywell CEO – Darius Adamczyk – who believes the cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence will transform Honeywell from an industrial conglomerate to more of a software company. Where do you see your team playing a role in Honeywell’s digital transformation journey?
  1. There’s a lot of shiny objects in the AI and ML space that can distract leadership teams and engineers from actually solving business problems. When we look at the intersection of Honeywell SPS and artificial intelligence – how do you decide which problems to solve and what work matters most? Walk the audience through your process.
  1. There’s a great book out there that most business / MBA students / Amazon’s Jeff Bezos requires his senior managers to read called The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement that’s been out for 35+ years – which influence industry leaders to move towards continuous improvement.
  • There’s a concept called business process management (BPM) which aims at cost reduction and efficiency improvements. AI is now taking its place in both the operational and strategic BPM. When it comes to the next generation of warehouse robotics at Honeywell talk about how HON is transforming the way work is done with robotics and IIOT in warehouses today.

Guest Highlight ⤵️

  1. What makes AI and robotics so fascinating to you vs. some of the other technologies out today?
  1. What’s your vision of the connected worker and industry 4.0 with AI and robotics as we move forward in 2020 and beyond?
  1. Lastly, before we hit the 60 Second “TechTables” segment – what’s the number one problem you are seeking to solve as the Global AI Leader at Honeywell AI & Robotics Lab?

Guest Highlight ⤵️

60 Second “TechTables”

  1. What do you know now that you wish you had known at the beginning (either personal, business, or blend)?
  2. What’s your favorite Netflix show?
  3. What’s your top 3 personal development books you’d recommend right now?

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