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[Intro] Joe: Hey Mahesh – let’s kick off today with a little bit about you and your background at Thomson Reuters on the public sector side. Let’s start there.

Before we dive deeper – talk about the courts and justice landscape today. I didn’t know too much heading into our prep call, and I can imagine the audience doesn’t either. Lay the foundation for our chat today.

Thanks for laying the foundation. Now – how do you bring an outstanding experience to the courts and justice system? And what do you think is missing today?

Talk about how Thomson Reuters product, “Westlaw Edge.” There’s a lot of data you could harness and surface for lawyers very quickly. How is Thomas Reuters using AI with Westlaw Edge today?

When it comes to Covid-19 and the justice system, we as a society are at an inflection point when it comes to having virtual court cases. You mentioned a good point that it’s very “ceremonial” that we meet in person, e..g, a jury trial. How are the courts starting to transition to a remote landscape today?

Your job is implementing cloud solutions for the courts today. Talk about the different types of solutions Thomson Reuters has in the marketplace today.

Since we’re a tech podcast – describe to the audience what your tech stack looks like? Also, where are you looking to grow post-COVID (if that’s such a thing) on your team?

What’s your favorite entrepreneurial project you’ve been working on at Thomson Reuters?

60 Second “TechTables”

– How did you get into the public sector?
– Favorite Netflix show?
– Teams vs. Zoom – and why

Want to talk tech?

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