Joe: But let’s kick off today with a little bit your start up career working in Argentina and your background at USound with the focus on democratizing healthcare. Let’s start there.

  1. Let’s talk about digital health and wearables. You gave a presentation in partnership with Samsung that highlighted “Be Disruptive”. What does being disruptive mean to you today?
  1. On an earlier episode I had Aaron Mitchell and Jeff Whitlock – respective startup founders from Freeplay and Unbird on the show. Aaron said the most common mistakes he sees from founders is building for vision not for customers. How is USound building for its customers today?
  1. When you think about building a product from scratch what frameworks or exercises does USound go through?
  1. When it comes to distributed teams how is USound empowering its employees to collaborate with agility and speed from anywhere in the world?
  1. Stanford Medicine lists 3 trends shaping the democratization of healthcare – 1) Intelligent computing; 2) Data Sharing; 3) Data security, privacy and safety – what’s catching your eyes right now?
  1. Lastly, before we hit the 60 Second “TechTables” segment – what’s the number one problem you are seeking to solve while at USound on the mobile side?

60 Second “TechTables”

  1. What do you know now that you wish you had known at the beginning of your mobile journey with USound?
  1. Favorite Netflix show?
  1. Favorite experience traveling the world for business?
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